Monitoring and verification (Digital Twin)

Monitoring and verification (Digital Twin)

After the completion of commissioning, continuous follow-up is carried out to monitor the energy performance of the building. Periodic audits are carried out and the energy savings achieved are verified, ensuring that the systems continue to operate efficiently over time. For this, the Digital Twin tool will be used to add a number of additional functionalities.

Real-time monitoring:

The Digital Twin collects real-time data from sensors installed in the building, HVAC systems, lighting, energy meters, among others. This data is used to monitor and analyse the building’s energy performance on a continuous basis. The Digital Twin can provide instant information on energy consumption, system efficiency and operating behaviour, enabling early detection of problems and implementation of corrective measures.

Analysis and optimisation:

El Digital Twin The Digital Twin enables advanced analysis and simulations to assess energy performance and explore different improvement strategies. Based on the data collected, areas for improvement can be identified and virtual solutions can be tested before implementing changes to the physical building. This helps to optimise energy performance and identify additional savings opportunities.

Comparison and benchmarking:

Using the Digital Twin, it is possible to compare the energy performance of a building with other similar buildings, set efficiency targets and perform benchmarking. This allows performance to be assessed against industry standards and best practice, identifying opportunities to further improve energy efficiency.

Predictive maintenance:

The Digital Twin assists in the early detection of problems and predictive maintenance of building energy systems. By constantly monitoring building data, the Digital Twin identify deviations in performance, alert to potential failures and provide recommendations for preventive maintenance.